Alberta Dornan Net Worth, Age, Wife, Birthday, and Bio

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Alberta Dornan Net Worth, Age, Wife, Birthday, and Bio

Alberta Dornan: A Rising Star in the Making

Early Life and Family Details

Alberta Maeve Dornan, born on February 17, 2019, in London, England, is no ordinary celebrity child. She is the youngest offspring of the accomplished Irish actor and model, Jamie Dornan, and the multi-talented Amelia Warner. Amelia, also known by the moniker Slow Moving Millie, boasts a career as a composer, musician, and former actress.

Amelia Warner’s musical prowess extends to hit songs and film compositions, including her notable work on the 2017 romantic period drama “Mary Shelley,” earning her the Breakthrough Film Composer of the Year Award in 2019.

Jamie Dornan, Alberta’s father, is a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry. His accolades include a People’s Choice Award and two Irish Film and Television Awards. Noteworthy performances, such as Paul Spector in “The Fall” and Christian Grey in the “Fifty Shades” series, have cemented his status as an award-winning actor.

Alberta’s parents crossed paths in 2010, leading to a two-year courtship before their 2013 marriage. Her older sisters, Dulcie and Elva, preceded her by four and two years, respectively. At just two years old, Alberta, born under the sign of Aquarius, enjoys the devoted care of her parents.

The anticipation of Alberta’s arrival was uniquely shared with the world. Amelia posted a trio of children’s shoes on Mother’s Day in 2019, a creative and heartwarming announcement that captured the public’s attention.

Alberta, with English nationality and a mix of English and Irish heritage, currently embraces her toddler years, basking in the affection of her parents without adhering to any specific religious beliefs.

Physical Stats

Though details about Alberta’s height, weight, and body measurements remain elusive due to her tender age, her captivating blue eyes and blond hair contribute to her undeniable charm.

Professional Career

As a toddler, Alberta has yet to embark on a professional journey. Absent from social media, she revels in the love of her parents, leaving any potential career in the entertainment industry a mystery for the time being.

Love Life and Spouse

At two years old, Alberta is happily uninvolved in any romantic entanglements. Her age-appropriate focus is on familial bonds, devoid of any past relationships or romantic encounters.

Net Worth of Alberta Dornan

While Alberta has yet to contribute to her net worth through a professional career, she enjoys the lavish lifestyle provided by her successful parents. Jamie Dornan boasts an estimated net worth of $14 million, while Amelia Warner’s net worth is approximately $3 million, ensuring Alberta experiences life’s comforts from the start.

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