SAHipHopZA is up for sale

SAHipHopZA is up for sale

Yes, you heard right! SAHipHopZA is up for sale.

SAHipHopZA has without doubt been one of the best and biggest South African music websites. It has been around for about 5 years, serving and promoting South African music and it’s genres, but at some point, the ownership of a big platform like this is bound to change. SAHipHopZA is not just a website but a brand that can even be modified to become a record label.

Now, what you will get is:

Because it’s a very strong brand, we had to secure other domain extensions of the website from the time of creation, and all are listed above. Yes all that will be given to you as well.

The official Facebook page and group (over 2,000 followers) will be given to you.

All these going for just $2500 (Negotiable)

For more information, kindly contact us via email on Let’s negotiate.