Maverick McNeilly Net Worth, Bio, Age, Wife, and Family

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Maverick McNeilly with wife, Jasmine Chiswell

Maverick McNeilly Net Worth, Bio, Age, Wife, and Family

American digital content creator Maverick McNeilly. Through the videos he posted on TikTok with his wife, Jasmine Chiswell, he rose to fame.

How old is Maverick McNeilly?

August 28, 1988, was Maverick McNeilly’s birthday in the United States. McNeilly will be 35 years old in 2022. Similarly, he is a Virgo in the zodiac because he was born on August 28.

Jasmine Chiswell, McNeilly’s spouse, is five years his junior. She is currently thirty years old, having been born in Scotland on December 9, 1993.

There is no information known about his childhood or academic background other than his age.

Body Stats

Maverick is a male that weighs seventy pounds and is five feet eight inches tall on average. He resembles a normal American dad because of his “dad bod” and naive demeanor. He has no interest in exercising. No matter how he looks, McNeilly never stops grinning and laughing.

He also has dark brown eyes, a pale complexion, and thick black hair that recedes at the hairline.

What does Maverick McNeilly mean?

McNeilly identified himself as the proprietor of “Mr. Skeleton” on his LinkedIn page. He produces music under the name “Mr. Skeleton.” His songs produced by this firm are available on Apple Music and SoundCloud. In addition, he performs under the moniker Mr. Skeleton.

Maverick has been producing music for about 10 years and has always loved listening to it. In addition, he created the musical genre known as “Dark Room.” He combines noises and synthesizers in this genre to give his performances more intrigue. His distinct genre captivates listeners with its peculiar rhythms.

Maverick McNeilly with wife, Jasmine

But Maverick wasn’t content to stick to music. In addition, he creates humorous little films about being a parent and his interactions with his wife and child. He also appears in videos posted on TikTok by his well-known spouse.

Maverick McNeilly wife

At first, Maverick McNeilly became well-known for his roles in his wife’s Tiktok films. Jasmine Chiswell, his spouse, rose to fame via Tiktok as well. She uploads films of herself costumed as Marilyn Monroe, a well-known American icon.

Jasmine loves 1950s fashion, as seen by the vibrant images she posts on Tiktok. She also has recordings of her spouse, McNeilly, looking like a 1950s fashionista.

Maverick and Jasmine connected via the Bumble online dating app. Due to her Scottish accent, she did not always have a positive dating app experience. Furthermore, when Jasmine initially relocated from Scotland, she had no intention of getting married and living in America. That was all before she met McNeilly, though.

The two agreed to go on a date after exchanging a few messages after finding each other on Bumble. They moved in together just four months after their first date. The two became engaged in a matter of months, and six months later they were married.

Their tale is not done yet; it is nothing short of a fairy tale. After being married for a few months, they purchased a home. They shared their plans to have three children on social media.

The first of the three intended children, a boy, was born in January 2022. A video of their child’s September 2021 gender reveal celebration is also available.

Net Worth

McNeilly is a music producer and content developer with a $5 million total net worth. Jasmine, his spouse, is thought to be worth $3 million as well.

Their united endeavor to amass cash seemed to guarantee their children a pleasant upbringing.

Maverick McNeilly wife and child

Social Media

Both Maverick and Jasmine use social media frequently. He has 30.8K Instagram followers and 1.2M TikTok followers.

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