Tyler Zed, Net Worth, Age, Wife, YouTube, and Bio

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Tyler Zed, Net Worth, Age, Wife, YouTube, and Bio

Tyler Zed: A Social Media Sensation with a Unique Journey


Tyler Zed, a renowned social media influencer, boasts a diverse background as a former Air Force veteran turned YouTube sensation. Through his captivating content, Zed delves into profound discussions on power dynamics, degradation, and absurdity, all presented with a touch of humor.


Hailing from mixed ancestry, Zed was born in America, yet intriguingly, he keeps his date of birth shrouded in mystery. Nonetheless, he shares glimpses of his enjoyable upbringing in an affluent household with supportive parents who encouraged him to pursue his dreams without constraints. Despite these revelations, Zed remains tight-lipped about the rest of his family and friends.

Tyler Zed, Net Worth, Age, Wife, YouTube, and Bio

Body Stats

Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 68 kg, Tyler Zed possesses an imposing physique with well-proportioned features. His body weight aligns harmoniously with his height.


Tyler’s academic journey began with an average 3.2 GPA at Westlake High School. Despite being unable to continue his education immediately, he opted to serve in the military. Upon his return, Zed pursued a major in political science with an economics minor at the University of San Francisco.

Military Veteran

From 2011 to 2015, Zed served with pride in the United States Air Force. Reflecting on those years, he considers them the wildest of his life. Zed’s commitment extends to supporting fellow veterans, evident in his work on a memorial for fallen comrades and a support group for those grappling with the trauma of war.

Publications and YouTube

Collaborating on the book ‘101 Facts That’ll Convince Your Liberal Friend to Walk Away’ in 2018, Zed explored the political objectives of liberals in manipulating emotions through mass media. His work spans political and psychological manipulation, shedding light on issues like weapons of mass destruction, gun laws, and the aftermath of 9/11.


Tyler Zed, Net Worth, Age, Wife, YouTube, and Bio

Establishing the YouTube channel Zeducation in 2018, Zed expanded his digital presence with Zedcast in 2019 and an Apple podcast in 2020. With over 900k subscribers on Zeducation, he delves into political issues, liberty, hypocrisy, memes, and drama. Simultaneously, Zedcast, boasting over 100k subscribers, serves as his podcast platform. Recently, Zed ventured into documentaries with his channel, Zedumentaries.

Net Worth

In the realm of social media, Tyler Zed has solidified his presence, earning a comfortable living through YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. With brand partnerships boosting his income, Zed’s estimated net worth falls between $1 million and $5 million, showcasing his prudent financial investments.

Marriage and Family

Tyler Zed, Net Worth, Age, Wife, YouTube, and Bio

In 2021, Zed tied the knot, temporarily stepping back from content creation to prepare for this significant life event. While details of his love life are absent from his bio, he and his spouse joyfully welcomed their first child, a daughter, in February 2022.

Social Media Presence

Given his status as a social media personality, Tyler Zed commands a significant following on various platforms. Find him as @realtylerzed on Instagram (28k followers), Facebook (110k followers), and Twitter (165k followers).

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