W4DE, DJ Father, Nandipha808 & TNK MusiQ – Gum & Mint

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W4DE, DJ Father, Nandipha808 & TNK MusiQ – Gum & Mint

W4DE – Gum & Mint MP3 DOWNLOAD

Renowned music producer W4DE stands as a pinnacle in Sgija's music scene, consistently delivering chart-topping hits. His latest offering, “Gum & Mint,” in collaboration with , & , cements his position as a trailblazer.

Despite facing challenges as an independent artist, W4DE's reservoir of creativity remains boundless. Teaming up with DJ Father and the talented duo Nandipha808 & TNK MusiQ, he unveils a sonic landscape that captivates listeners.

From his recent studio project, “Gum & Mint” emerges as a dancefloor anthem. Its infectious blend of sweet chords, percussive synths, and pulsating bass creates an irresistible urge to move, destined to set clubs ablaze during peak hours.

Download the electrifying beats of “Gum & Mint” and experience the euphoria firsthand.


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