Susan Eileen Thatcher Net Worth, Husband, Age, and Bio

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Susan Eileen Thatcher Net Worth, Husband, Age, and Bio

Susan Eileen Thatcher Net Worth, Husband, Age, and Bio

Born in 1960, Susan Eileen Thatcher is a well-known Englishwoman who gained notoriety as singer Robert Palmer’s second wife.

Relationship with her husband, Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer met Susan Thatcher behind the scenes at one of his Pittsburgh shows towards the end of 1978. Thatcher was an experienced groupie who had backstage worked a number of performances. At the age of nineteen, Susan Eileen Thatcher married Robert Palmer in late 1979. The pair stayed together until Susan filed for divorce in 1999. She thought they had matured even more and that it would be better for her if she weren’t his wife.

The relationship produced two children for the couple: James and Jane. Now a well-known artist, Susan Eileen Thatcher owns her own gallery and resides in Sedona, Arizona.

Susan Eileen Thatcher Net Worth, Husband, Age, and Bio

little about Susan Eileen Thatcher’s famous husband

Robert Palmer was born on January 19, 1949, in England. He is a well-known singer, composer, musician, and record producer.

Palmer was raised on the Mediterranean island of Malta, where his father was an intelligence officer for the British Navy, despite having been born in England in 1949. His interest in music was piqued by American Forces Network broadcasts, an English-language radio program for US soldiers stationed in Europe that provided an enticing mix of American music.

When Palmer was twelve years old and his family moved back to England, he enrolled in guitar lessons. Three years later, he created his first band, the Mandrakes. He formed the Alan Bown Set in 1968 as a guitarist, and a year later he joined the jazz-rock group Dada. Palmer helped the band change their name to the unfortunate-sounding Vinegar Joe, which was a somewhat successful live act.

Susan Eileen Thatcher Net Worth, Husband, Age, and Bio

Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley, Palmer’s debut solo album, was published in 1974. Palmer became known as the alluring, well-dressed gentleman rock star after the cover shot with the singer and an exotic woman coming from a tunnel close to Heathrow Airport, which had a Helmut Newton impression. Despite being recorded in New Orleans with renowned musicians, the CD didn’t rank. A slightly better attempt was Pressure Drop, an album released in 1976 that had songs with noticeable reggae influences. Palmer moved to the Bahamas in 1978 after living in New York City with his wife and kids.

His third album, Double Fun, produced his first Top 20 success in the US with the song “Every Kind of People,” which had a Caribbean tinge and remained a mainstay on easy-listening radio for years.

John Taylor of Duran Duran’s side project Power Station recorded three Billboard Hot 100 top-10 singles, including a rendition of “Get It On” and the song “Communication.” Palmer began his career as a solo artist after playing in many British rock bands. He had lived in Switzerland for the last sixteen years.

In 1990, Palmer was named Rolling Stone’s best-dressed male artist because of his GQ sense of style. One of MTV’s most-watched clips, the music video for “Addicted to Love,” which featured models in miniskirts playing guitars while Palmer sang, sparked an uproar among feminists. In 1974, he released “Sneakin’ Sally through the Alley,” his debut smash album and song. Throughout his twenties, Palmer performed as an opening act for well-known acts like Jimi Hendrix and The Who, in addition to playing with a number of small-time bands, including Dada, Vinegar Joe, and the Alan Bown Band.

He passed away in Paris, France, on September 26, 2003, at the age of 54, from a heart attack.

Susan Eileen Thatcher Net Worth, Husband, Age, and Bio

Susan Eileen Thatcher’s Net Worth

Following her divorce, Susan Eileen is known to be quiet and uninvolved in society. As a result, her net worth remains unknown.

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