Was Bubzbeauty’s Ex-Husband Tim Cheating on Her?

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Was Bubzbeauty’s Ex-Husband Tim Cheating on Her?

Was Bubzbeauty’s ex-husband Tim cheating on her?

The well-known YouTuber Bubzbeauty is really Lindy Tsang. Using her YouTube account, where she enjoys sharing videos about skincare and makeup, she has entertained and assisted a lot of people. She has, however, recently become the center of attention due to her divorce.

Fans started to question why the skincare specialist ended their previous relationship. In addition, there have been rumors that her ex-husband was having an affair. So please stay tuned to learn more about her divorce and whether or not she was a victim of a failed relationship.

Bubzbeauty’s divorce took place in 2020

Tim is Bubzbeauty’s ex-husband, with whom she had a prior marriage. Before a fan asked her about the private aspects of her life, she was initially reticent about her relationship status. She then discloses that she is not in a married relationship anymore. She did, however, end the chat by stating that she did not want to explain her life to anyone in order to stop more inquiries and pointless rumors.

Was Bubzbeauty’s Ex-Husband Tim Cheating on Her?

Even though she meant for her statement to be a closure, it had the opposite impact on her admirers; many of them were actually saddened to learn of her split and many of them started to question what had transpired in her previous relationship. They also started to speculate that her ex-husband had cheated on her with another woman.

Was Tim cheating on Bubzbeauty?

After spending a considerable amount of time together, Tim and Bubz Beauty broke up. Even after their marriage, they had two lovely children named Isaac and Ayla. Bubzbeauty gave the explanation that everything that had to happen did happen for her to separate. She hasn’t officially disclosed the cause of their breakup, though.

Was Bubzbeauty’s Ex-Husband Tim Cheating on Her?

A lady says that her ex-husband beat her in a discussion on the Guru Gossip Community Forum. However, since the remark originated from an account called “gayboygossip,” the veracity of this assertion is still in doubt. Since there is no other proof, the username seems suspect and may be fraudulent.

Regardless of the events in her previous relationship, Bubzbeauty has moved on and is now content with her life as things are at last starting to work out for her. Furthermore, we know that even though she and her ex-husband separated, they are now friendly. She is doing this because she wants her kids to be content.

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